News in international markets

New Zealand’s Sawmills Struggling to Keep Up with Increasing Domestic Demand

According to the New Zealand Timber Industry Federation (NZTIF), a flourishing domestic timber market for residential building and outdoor use has the countries lumber mills struggling to keep up current demand. One producer has gone so far as to completely stop supplying structural timber to some retailers. To meet the surge in domestic demand, some mills are diverting timber set for export back into domestic use.

Irish Forestry Industry Continue to Wait for Relief in Timber Felling License Crisis

Timber processors, forestland owners, contractors and forestry companies in Ireland have been struggling for the past two year to obtain felling (timber cutting and road access) licenses which has led to both supply and employment problems. This as the markets for sawn timber at home and in the UK are good because of shortages from traditional lumber suppliers.

Even with Increased Production Australian Sawmills Struggle to Keep Up with Soaring Demand

The Australian Forest Products Association (AFPA) continues to reassure builders and homeowners that they are doing everything possible to supply as much construction timber to meet soaring demand. AFPA CEO Ross Hampton said that the domestic timber industry supplies around 80% of the timber used in home construction and has ramped up production to keep up with the record demand.