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Family Forest Owners in Oregon Struggle to Remain in Compliance with Wildfire Replanting Laws

Family forest owners in Oregon are required by law to replant their forestlands within two years of a wildfire. Like the wildfires which burned through a large portion of Oregon’s forests this past Labor Day, which included the loss of an estimated 63,000 acres of family forests. The dilemma for the smaller and private forest owners is that seedlings are extremely hard to find.

The U.S. Forest Service Proposes Sweeping Plan to Remove Trees Burned and Killed Along Roads in Selected Oregon Wildfire Areas

A proposed sweeping plan of “treatment” to remove trees burned and killed along roads within the scars of Beachie Creek, Lionshead, and Holiday Farm fire has been proposed by the U.S. Forest Service. There are roughly 550 miles of road within the trio of fires and about 390 are proposed for “treatment” — meaning the cutting dead trees that might fall onto the road in the future.

Washington State Looks to Forest Lands for More than Just Logging

Washington state’s Department of Natural Resources (DNR) recently held a timber auction to sell off part of a 180-acre patch of state forestland where some of the state’s largest Douglas firs have stood through more than a hundred years of logging. The sale netted the state $4.2 million, and the trees were headed for a plywood mill.

Shortage of Seedlings Leave Oregon Small Landowners in a Bind

As a result of last year’s wildfires, small landowners in Oregon find themselves in a predicament. Oregon law requires replanting after harvesting trees for timber, but there now is a surge in demand for a product that takes two years to grow. Seedlings that will be ready this year already are sold, and those planted because of new demand will take time to grow.

Weyerhaeuser Devotes All Logging Resources to Wildfire Salvage Operations in Oregon

Weyerhaeuser continues to concentrate all of its logging resources into fire salvage. As an example, the Weyerhaeuser Santiam Lumber Mill is busily producing lumber from logs salvaged from the wildfires last summer — the Holiday Farm Fire that burned along the McKenzie River and into the Mohawk and upper Calapooia areas, and the Santiam Canyon fires, which damaged timber in the Snow Peak area.