Global Mass Timber Service

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What’s included:

Three reports annually: February, May, and August

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North America:

  • Manufacturing capacity (both “nominal” and “effective”) of CLT, DLT, NLT, and glulam by company and plant
  • Detail on certifications, species used, chain of custody, and max dimensions for panels and glulam for each manufacturer
  • WoodWorks US & CWC (Canada) histories of floor areas (m2 and ft2) of mass timber projects started/completed by US state and Canadian province
  • Five-year histories and five-year forecasts of capacity, consumption, and imports
  • Maps and tables detailing consumption by state and province as well as consumption by building occupancy
  • Building code updates
  • Data and analysis on CLT feedstock and glulam lam stock availability
  • Price forecast for CLT feedstock — Douglas fir, SPF West, SPF East, and Southern pine
  • Market trends and applications
  • Analysis of important mass timber demand drivers
  • CLT mats in ground protection market: demand/supply forecast

Rest of the World:

  • See geographic coverage below

For Each Country/Region:

  • One annual report (May) and two quarterly reports (February & August)
  • Annual report includes most components listed under “North America” above, with the exception of floor area data and feedstock price forecasts
  • Quarterly reports include capacity updates and news/announcements


  • Geographic Coverage
    • North America
    • Europe and Russia
    • Australia
    • New Zealand
    • Japan
    • China
    • South Africa
    • South America
    • Other countries as they emerge
  • Product Coverage
    • Glulam (for North America)
    • CLT: cross-laminated timber
    • DLT: dowel-laminated timber
    • NLT: nail-laminated timber
    • GLT: glued-laminated timber panels
    • MPP: mass plywood panels (or VLT: veneer-laminated timber)
    • MOSBP: mass OSB panels
    • Other new technologies as they emerge
  • Analytical Coverage

    For CLT in each region:

    • Macroeconomic summaries
    • 5-year histories of consumption, imports, exports
    • 5-year forecasts of consumption, imports, exports
    • Consumption by end use segment and, where possible, building classification
    • Manufacturing capacities by manufacturer and plant

    For DLT, NLT, MPP and other mass timber products:

    • Producers and capacities by region (where applicable)
    • Technology descriptions and histories of development