News in offsite construction

Pacific Woodtech to Acquire LP Building Solutions’ Engineered Wood Products Business and SolidStart® Brand

LP Building Solutions (LP) today announced an agreement with Pacific Woodtech to acquire LP’s engineered wood products business for $210 million. The acquisition includes LP’s laminated veneer lumber and I-joist manufacturing facilities in three states/provinces, associated timber license assets, and the SolidStart® brand.

Sanctions on Russia for Its Invasion of Ukraine Set to Negatively Impact Australia’s Construction Industry

With supplies of key laminated veneered lumber (LVL) and engineered wood products (EWPs) imported from Russia and Belarus, which accounted for 40-50% of these construction products, no longer available due to sanctions, Australia’s tight timber markets are now facing a severe shortfall of products.

Sweden’s Setra Now Offering Cross-Laminated Timber Frames With Moisture Protection

Lesprom Network is reportingthat Setra, one of Sweden’s largest wood industry companies, is the first company in Sweden to offer a new moisture protection for frames made from cross-laminated timber. The moisture protection, Wetguard200SA, is manufactured by Siga Cover AG, a Swiss company, and is applied to surfaces such as floor structures.

Wood Engineering Technology Reports Construction of Their Second Production Line Is Advancing

Originally announced in June of 2021, work to build the second production line at the state-of-the-art Wood Engineering Technology at Matawhero, New Zealand is advancing. “The building to house all the production equipment is 40 percent complete, and we are starting the installation of the plant equipment over the coming few weeks.”

Canada’s First Office Building Constructed From Cross-Laminated Timber Welcomes New Tenants

On Friday (6-10-22), Natural Resources Canada announced the official occupancy of oN5, located in downtown Vancouver. oN5 is the first office building in Canada constructed using high-performance cross-laminated timber (CLT) panels. The top three stories of this four-story office building are constructed completely out of CLT.