News in offsite construction

Kelowna B.C. International Airport Soon to be Home of First-Ever Mass Timber Aircraft Hangar

Kelowna B.C. officials have announced that the Kelowna International Airport wills soon be home to the first-ever mass timber aircraft hangar. The two-story structure will be using state-of-the-art floor and tall wall wood-based systems to accommodate the large spacing between columns — a typical design element for a hangar but never done using mass timber building systems.

Building with Mass Timber Will Make the Two New Vancouver B.C. Schools More Earthquake Resistant

The Canadian government has announced that it is investing $1.48 million (CAD) to help in the construction of two schools built with mass timber that will be more resistant to earthquakes. The funding comes from the Department of Natural Resources under a program that encourages the use of wood in innovative construction projects such as tall wood buildings, low-rise nonresidential buildings, and bridges.