Macroeconomy and End-Use Service

This service discusses major developments and issues in the US and Canadian economies and is the foundation of FEA’s wood products and timber demand forecasts.

Monthly Macroeconomic Advisor (MMA)

The MMA provides you with analysis and forecasts for the US and Canadian economies, as well as, forecasts for a range of economic concepts such as real GDP, industrial production, inflation, interest rates, oil prices and the all-important US dollar / Canadian dollar exchange rate. The PDF combines a concise discussion of the near-term forecast, together with illustrative tables and graphs.

Macroeconomy and End-Use Quarterly Forecast Service

The Quarterly Forecast Service is published four times per year. Three quarterly forecasts are five-year outlooks, with long-run forecast data available on our website. The fourth quarterly forecast is a long-run outlook that focuses a more detailed discussion of the macroeconomy and end-use markets.

Both publications also include:

  • Concise discussion of the near-term forecast, together with illustrative tables and graphs
  • The MMA and Quarterly Forecast Service are delivered as a downloadable PDF that combines the analysis, tables and graphs in a single document
  • A set of Excel files containing a comprehensive look at tables covering the macroeconomic and end-use markets
  • The use of FEA’s website and database to search for information and create customized dashboards
  • Access to Brendan Lowney, FEA’s macroeconomic analyst
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