Sawmill Profiles

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This is the only up-to-date source of mill-level capacity for North America’s softwood lumber industry. Since 1995, the Softwood Sawmill Profile has provided stakeholders in the North American wood products sector with the most comprehensive assessment of lumber capacity available. Beginning in 2016, the Sawmill Profiles moved from a biannual publication to a quarterly update to provide consistent, up-to-date mill capacity across North America.

Each quarter, the updated mill capacity database is sent to subscribers and details the latest mill capacity expansions, new mill announcements and closures.

What’s included

  • Capacity information on more than 800 active mills and 1,400 total mills in the US and Canada, both MBF and M3
  • Capacity database detailing 10 years of mill-level capacity, in Excel format with quarterly updates
  • Added sorting capabilities and top states/provinces and company listings
  • GIS shape files available