News in international markets

Koskisen Oy Investing in Kärkölä, Finland Sawmill

Koskisen Oy has entered into a supply agreement with Hekotek AS for new sawmill equipment to be delivered to their new wood processing unit in Kärkölä, Järvelä, Finland. Koskisen’s production facilities in Järvelä form Finland’s biggest mechanical wood processing integrates, where almost 100% of the wood raw material is used in its own processes.

Domestic Producers Could Benefit From a Proposed 50% Tariff on Imported Birch Plywood From Russia

Legislation passed last week by the U.S. House of Representatives would end “normal trade relations” with Russia and have a long-lasting trade impact if the proposed 50% tariffs on imports of birch plywood were to be put into effect. If signed into law, the Decorative Hardwoods Association said that this would create challenges for importers and potential opportunities for domestic manufacturers.