Lumber Service

FEA’s Lumber Service analyzes North American softwood lumber markets with a regular series of monthly and quarterly publications.

Monthly Lumber Advisor (MLA)

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In every issue you will find:

  • A discussion of end-use market activity
  • An analysis of North American lumber consumption, production, shipments, new orders, capacity, trade and prices in the US and Canada
  • A two-year, monthly forecast of end-use market indicators and North American lumber market demand, supply, and prices
  • Concise discussion of the near-term forecast, together with illustrative tables and graphs

Lumber Quarterly Forecast Service

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The Quarterly Forecast Service expands the MLA coverage to include:

  • Discussion of major macroeconomic indicators
  • Expanded analysis of individual end-use markets
  • North American softwood lumber consumption by region and end-use and lumber usage rates
  • Regional production and capacity
  • Regional variable costs broken down by component

The Quarterly Forecast Service is published four times per year. Three quarterly forecasts are five-year outlooks, with long-run forecast data available on our website. The fourth quarterly forecast is a long-run outlook that focuses on broader trends in North American softwood lumber markets

Both publications also include:

  • The MLA and Quarterly Forecast are delivered as a downloadable PDF that combines the analysis, tables, and graphs in a single document
  • A set of Excel tables providing a comprehensive look at the macroeconomic, end-use, demand, supply, cost, and lumber prices included in the forecast
  • The use of FEA’s website and database to search for information and create customized dashboards
  • Access to Paul Jannke, FEA’s lumber analyst

Subscribers can request an annual on-site presentation.
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