Global Softwood Log & Lumber Service

Unique analysis and perspective to help you identify and understand important key global trends and trade needs

North American lumber demand has surged, while fiber availability in traditional supply regions is contracting, driving prices to record levels. Elsewhere, in the world’s second largest market, China has recovered from COVID-19 and demand for both logs and lumber is again on the rise. Russia has responded with a dramatic increase in its lumber exports, but it continues to ban exports of logs and green lumber to its southern neighborFurther complicating regional trade dynamics, China has banned imports of Australian logs. Meanwhile, Europe has suddenly become a low-cost producer of logs and lumber and is aggressively pushing exports to all corners of the globe, including logs to China and lumber to the USA. In short, wood products markets are becoming increasingly global and complex. 

Understanding key global trends and trade needs to be part of all major companies’ business strategy and planning. This is where FEA’s indepth global study comes in  it will assist by providing analysis of the current global situation and annual log and lumber forecasts through to 2030.

Be informed, be positioned

  • Gain a competitive edge on the big picture
    • A reliable forecast of production and demand in major regions
    • Perspectives on global trade dynamics
    • To know about key competing regions to understand what might be expected
  • We will draw on our unique database and field sources to produce a global analysis on logs and lumber that will keep you well informed and better able to make business decisions

The Global Softwood Log and Lumber Service will Enable you to

  • Identify and assess new market opportunities
  • Analyze and understand competitive threats
  • Develop and/or refine export market strategies
  • Mitigate cyclicality through regional market diversification
  • Acquire accurate supply, demand, and trade histories and forecasts by region

What’s included

  • Historical trends and annual forecasts of production, demand, imports and exports by country for both softwood logs and lumber
  • Detailed analysis of log supply by country/region
  • Market trends in key consuming countries
  • Export potential in major producing countries
  • Highlights on the 20 largest producing and consuming regions representing 85% to 95% of global totals
  • Summary

    A concise view of logs and lumber outlooks from around the globe, including:

    • Consumption Trends: What growth can we expect from the world’s major consuming regions?
    • Production: Which regions will be winners and which will be losers?
    • Trade: Exports/imports balance: Where will we see shifts in traditional import/export regions?
    • Forecasts: Detailed forecasts to 2030
  • Region/Countries
    • Europe: Germany, Sweden, Finland, Austria, the Czech Republic, the United Kingdom, France, and Italy
    • Russia
    • North America: United States and Canada
    • Asia: China, Japan, South Korea, and India
    • Oceania: Australia and New Zealand
    • Southern Hemisphere: Brazil, Chile, Argentina, and South Africa
    • Middle East/North Africa (MENA) region