News in international markets

China’s Ban on Australian Forest Products Could Actually Boost Green Triangle Processing Industry

According to one Australian forestry sector representative, China’s indefinite suspension of timber exported out Australia’s Victoria region could actually help boost Green Triangle’s processing industry. Industry sources estimate the Green Triangle timber export industry underpins around 1,000 jobs in the south-east of South Australia (SA) and western Victoria.

Kenya Faces Shortage of Timber Just as the Country’s Needs Increase

Kenya’s demand for wood and wood products is increasing faster than their outdated sawmills and lack of forestlands can produce. A logging ban, imposed in 2018 by the Kenyan government, which applies only to government owned land, which is mainly mahogany, cypress and eucalyptus, which was meant to help regenerate its forests has made the situation even more dire, albeit needed.

China Suspends the Importation of Timber from Australia

Ties between China and Australia began to fray in early April and the friction between the two countries continues to heat up. On Monday (11/2), China’s foreign ministry confirmed that China had suspended imports of timber from the Australian state of Queensland, noting that since January, Chinese customs has detected several cases of live pest in timbers imported from the region.

Forest Products Association of Canada Offer Ideas on How Forestry Can Help Canada’s Economic Recovery

On Tuesday (11/3) the Forest Products association of Canada (FPAC) appeared before the House of Commons Standing Committee on Natural Resources to speak with Members of Parliament about how the forest sector workers and communities can work with the government to advance Canada’s economic recovery and help grow a lower carbon economy for the future.