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Forest Investments

Forest Economic Advisors is pleased to partner with DANA to host the first FEA-DANA International Forest Investment Conference in New York City on May 1–2, 2024. We will be located at The Westin New York at Times Square.

Forests have never before garnered as much attention from investors as they do now. In addition to the returns from managing for timber production, new opportunities are rapidly arising in related markets such as carbon and biomass. The FEA-DANA International Forest Investment Conference is an investor-driven event that offers critical insights and networking opportunities in a growing sector.

This unique conference will be a valuable experience for timberland investors as well as those who are intrigued but need more insight from experts before entering the market. Timberland managers, appraisers, and market participants interested in timberland investment trends and expectations will also benefit. Are you hungry for informative discussions on timberland markets and networking opportunities with industry leaders? This is where you want to be May 1–2, 2024.

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