11th China Global Wood Trade Conference
September 15 – 16, 2021
Nanning, Guangxi, China

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The first half of 2021 has seen record sawtimber prices across the globe. High prices have been in part driven by strong demand in Europe and North America. This, combined with supply chain issues and trade restrictions, has changed traditional trade patterns and left many analysts and sawtimber traders questioning what they thought they knew about sawtimber markets.

FEA’s 11th annual China Global Wood Trade Conference — co-organized with the China Timber & Wood Products Distribution Association (CTWPDA) in Nanning, Guangxi, China on September 15-16, 2021 — will help you gain a better understanding of global markets and China’s role in them. The conference will feature a virtual/in-person hybrid model.

The China Global Wood Trade Conference is an annual event where global wood traders meet in China. The event attracts more than 350 participants, including wood suppliers/exporters, importers, wholesalers, distributors, manufacturers as well as trade associations, industry experts, government officials and representatives of international organizations from more than 20 countries in addition to China.

The 2021 event will address many critical topics, including: the sharp rise in global sawtimber prices (when will they come down and to what level?), the continued rise in European imports, the effects of increasing trade restrictions, and economic and end use developments. It will also explore supply/import trends for logs and lumber that will continue to create uncertainty in China in 2021-2022.

Additional event details will be released soon. Please contact Lisa Kelly with any questions.


Day 1 — September 15: One-day conference, virtual or in-person
Day 2 — September 16: All-day industry tour, in-person only

  • Day 1: Conference Morning Session
    Time (UTC+8)
    Introduction & Welcome Speech
    The Future of Chinese Economic and Multilateral Economic Cooperation
    Chinese Log and Lumber: Supply and Demand
    Zhu Guangqian
    China Timber & Wood Products Distribution Association
    Guangxi: Forestry Development and Domestic Timber Supply in the 14th Five-Year Plan
    Representatives from Guangxi
    Coffee/Tea & Exhibition
    The North America Lumber Market: When will markets return to “Normal”?
    Principal (Lumber), FEA
    Global Softwood Log and Lumber Supply and Demand
    President, Russ Taylor Global
    From Origin to Markets: How to Optimize the Supply Chain
    China Timber & Wood Products Distribution Association

    Additional speaker details will be released soon. Schedule subject to change.

  • Day 1: Conference Afternoon Session
    Time (UTC+8)
    South America: Supply Challenges and Opportunities
    Russia: Supply Challenges and Opportunities
    New Zealand & Australia: Supply Challenges and Opportunities
    Partner, FEA
    Europe: Supply Challenges and Opportunity — A Supplier’s Perspective
    Managing Director, Mercor JSC
    Panel Discussion: Supply
    Coffee/Tea & Exhibition
    Opportunities Under the New International Land-Sea Trade Corridor
    Analysis of the Wood Import-Export Trade in China
    President, Qingdao Timber Industry Association
    Panel Discussion: How to Optimize the Wood Supply Trade
    Conclusion & Exhibition

    Additional speaker details will be released soon. Schedule subject to change.

  • Day 2: Industry Tour
    Day 2 will feature an exclusive industry tour, including access to ports, the industrial park, and wood manufacturing facilities. Exact locations are subject to change.

Networking Add-ons

The China Global Wood Trade Conference works as a bridge between Chinese wood enterprises and global wood suppliers and manufacturers to encourage better communication within the industry as well as the sustainable development of the wood trade — both in China and abroad. The event is an exclusive platform to exhibit high-quality products to expand participants’ reach and attract potential buyers.

Please register before August 30 to participate in either of the following networking options:

  • Table-top Exhibition (In Person Only)

    In-person attendees are encouraged to visit exhibitors’ tables during the conference. Registered participants are also welcome to purchase a table for their own use.

    Only a limited number of tables are available. If you are interested, please make a reservation as soon as possible.

  • Business Matching (Virtual Only)

    For attendees unable to attend the conference in person, an online networking option is available. Within two weeks after the conference, FEA/CTWPDA will match participants with suitable Chinese companies. Matched representatives will be provided with an exclusive access link and password to connect and participate.

    Please submit the registration form before August 30 if you want to participate in the business matching portion. If some schedules are overlapped, companies will be prioritized based on sequence of the registration.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I view the conference online?
    Participants who register for the online version will receive an invitation email with a unique link and password. Following the same schedule above, users should use the link to login at the appropriate time to watch a presentaion.
  • What should I do after registering for a networking add-on?
    Please monitor your inbox for an email from a conference representative. They will provide a form with additional information.
  • What languages will be available?

    During the conference, both English and Chinese language channels will be available. For online attendees, English will be the default.

    No translation service is provided during online business matching sessions. Please bring your own interpreters.

  • Will a hotel be available again this year?
    Yes. Please select the hotel option and check-in/out dates during registration. A conference representative will email you with more information to finalize the reservation.
  • When will the conference recordings be available?
    The recording and presentations will be sent to the participants within 5 working days after the conference.

Hosted by:
FEA | Littleton, MA
China Timber & Wood Products Distribution Association | Beijing, China