China Bulletin

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The China Bulletin is a monthly report that features key information for those selling logs and lumber to China and for those who need to monitor trade data and key trends in China.

Each monthly China Bulletin is 25-30 pages and features:

  • China industry in the news
  • Special reports on a key industry or market topic
  • Monthly statistics (graphs & tables)
  • Monthly prices (graphs & tables)
  • Key wood products exports volume by country
  • Log/lumber/panel imports volume by country & species & province
  • Imported softwood log prices in timber/wholesale markets
  • Imported North American, New Zealand, Europe softwood lumber & log prices (CFR)

China Bulletin Database:

Directly access data from the China Bulletin from an online, downloadable database. Updated each month with the following:

  • Monthly Trade Volumes and Values by source/destination country
    • China Plywood Exports
    • China Door Exports
    • China Fiberboard Exports
    • China Particleboard Exports
    • Softwood Log Imports
    • Hardwood Log Imports
    • Softwood Lumber Imports
    • Hardwood Lumber Imports
    • China Sulfate Wood Pulp Imports
  • Log Prices landed in China
  • Lumber Prices landed in China
  • Softwood log inventory at Ocean Ports
  • Softwood lumber inventory in Taicang area