Hancock Natural Resources Group Renamed Manulife Investment Management Timberland and Agriculture Inc.

Manulife Investment Management, a diverse private markets business, which includes timberland and agriculture, has announced that Hancock Natural Resource Group Inc has changed its name to Manulife Investment Management Timberland and Agriculture Inc effective today (11-15-21). The change completes the transition of all Manulife Investment Management private markets’ capabilities — totaling more than US$58B across private equity and credit and real assets — to align under a single global brand.

Manulife Investment Management manages approximately 6 million acres of timberland across the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Brazil, and Chile. It also oversees approximately 400,000 acres of prime farmland in major agricultural regions of the United States and in Canada, Chile, and Australia.

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Manulife Investment Management completes alignment of its private markets business within the global brand