Segezha Group Announces Plans to Build Second Glued Laminated Timber Plant in Karelia, Russia

The Segezha Group has announced it plans to build a glued laminated timber plant in Segeza, Republic of Karelia, Russia. The new plant will be located next to the Group’s primary asset in the Republic of Karelia, Segezha Pulp and Paper Mill JSC. The new facility will join the Sokol Woodworking Plant JSC, which is currently the only Segezha Group facility manufacturing glued laminated timber.

The plant will manufacture glulam products for Russia, the EU member states, and Japan. The project aims at increasing the volume of added-value wood processing products and the growth of the sales geography.

The total investment in the project is estimated to be 13.4 billion rubles ($184 million USD). Ground surveying works for the project have already been launched. Site clearance is being performed. The plant’s operation framework has been developed. Suppliers of the basic manufacturing equipment are being selected. Pre-design submittals are being prepared by Giprobum JSC, owned by Segezha Group.

When completed in 2023, the facility will have the output capacity of 240,000 m3.

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Segezha Group to build new glulam plant in Karelia, Russia