BC Announces Additional Investments to Help Manufacturing Companies Grow in Northern BC

The British Columbia Provincial Government announced on Monday (11-6-23) that it is investing more than $1.2 million (CAD) in a variety of expansion projects to help manufacturing companies grow and create well-paying, sustainable jobs across northern BC.

The investment will be broken down into the following initiatives:

  • Terrace—Monster Industries Ltd. will receive as much as $466,000 to build a new fabrication facility and purchase a new crane that will help manufacture drying kilns for the forestry industry in BC, which are essential for the production of value-added wood products. The expansion will create seven new skilled positions.
  • 150 Mile House—OT Timber Frames Ltd. will receive as much as $235,000 to scale up the production of pre-fabricated homes and expand product offerings to include insulation components, with expansion of the production facility and addition of two CNC machines. The funds will help create five new positions and maintain year-round employment for current staff.
  • 100 Mile House—New Wave Docks Ltd. will receive as much as $300,000 to double manufacturing capacity and provide space to diversify production. This entails the construction of a new 14,000-square-foot steel-engineered building to house a large-scale roto-oven and aluminum fabrication shop in the same facility and will create as many as 15 new jobs.
  • Mackenzie—Conifex Mackenzie Forest Products Inc. will receive as much as $105,000 to optimize production and increase product quality by purchasing new equipment, allowing the company to remain competitive during lumber market fluctuations.
  • Vanderhoof—Bid Group Technologies Ltd. will receive as much as $100,000 to expand manufacturing capacity to keep production in-house instead of outsourcing it and optimize the parts-production process to drive efficiency.

According to the press release, the BC Manufacturing Jobs Fund (BCMJF) supports for-profit organizations to plan and launch shovel-ready, high-value industrial and manufacturing projects that bring direct benefits and stable, family-supporting jobs to communities, while driving clean and inclusive growth throughout the province.

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