Factory_OS Attracts Investments for Offsite Construction Facility from Technology and Investment Firms

With a passion for creating more affordable multifamily housing, Factory_OS is bringing a high technology, “operating systems” approach to housing construction and doing it offsite in a factory setting. This technology based approach and with their facility located in the Mare Island Naval Shipyard in Vallejo California has attracted a wide variety of investors, anywhere from Lafayette Square, to participation from companies such as Autodesk, Citi, Facebook, Google and Morgan Stanley. In their last issuance of Serie B funding, they were able to raise $ 55 million. According to Factory_OS estimates by framing with lumber, plumbing ,wiring, insulating, wall boarding, painting and finishing the units in the factory, it currently can cut 25%–30% off the cost of constructing the dwellings at the project location, which can be $700,000–$800,000 a unit in downtown San Francisco and Oakland. Other touted benefits for factory homebuilding are 40% faster project completion and 70% reduction in materials waste.

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Factory_OS raises $55M Series B Round