Drought Poses Significant Threat to Austria’s Forestry Industry

Austria is experiencing one of the driest meteorological springs (starting March 1, 2020) in the history of their domestic record keeping. In March and April 2020 there was 45% less precipitation over the entire country compared to the long-term average. In the 163-year record of measurements in Austria, in only ten other instances were the months of March and April as dry as 2020. While many other agricultural products will be impacted by the drought, the forestry sector will be particularly hard hit. Forest trees urgently need water and the dry and warm conditions favor the development and multiplication of the bark beetle (Scolytinae sp.) which is already a severe problem in Austrian forestry. Forests in some Austrian regions are so dry that there is a high risk of forest fires.
For more information on the impacts of drought and beetle-killed timber in central Europe on softwood log and lumber trade, please see FEA’s latest report, Central European Beetle and Windstorm Timber Disaster Report.

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