Wildfires Throughout the Western U.S. Continue to Grow in Size; Europe Facing Similar Crisis

The Dixie Fire (named after the road it started near on July 14, 2021) is California’s largest single wildfire in recorded history. The fire continued to grow on Wednesday (8-11-21) and is currently only 30% contained. The Dixie Fire has destroyed more than 1,000 structures, nearly half of them homes.

In Southeastern Montana, the uncontrolled Richard Spring Fire continued to advance towards inhabited areas around the sparsely populated Northern Cheyenne Indiana Reservation, which promoted authorities to order evacuations, as the wind-driven blaze pushed towards several remote communities.

These are just two examples of the 100 large wildfires that are blazing across 15, mostly Western states, where historic drought conditions have left the land and forest parched and ready to ignite.

The U.S. and Canada are not alone when it comes to out-of-control wildfires. Wildfires are currently raging throughout Europe, with massive blazes being reported in Russia, Greece, and Germany.

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Huge California fire grows; Montana blaze threatens towns