Superior Pine Products Acquires 58,000 Acres of Arkansas and Louisiana Timberland

Superior Pine Products Company of Fargo, GA, announced today that it has acquired the Castle Timberland property from Molpus Woodlands Group. The acquisition includes more than 58,000 acres of high-quality pine forestland near El Dorado, Arkansas and Monroe, Louisiana.

Superior Pine purchased the pine timberland as a part of a plan to increase market reach by geographically diversifying its asset holdings beyond southern Georgia and southern Alabama. The acquisition gives Superior Pine a presence in two new markets characterized by diverse and growing demand for sustainably grown forest products.

Superior Pine plans to continue practicing sustainable forest management on the lands and intends to tap into the region’s growing solid wood market. Arkansas and Louisiana are both known for their availability of high-quality timber resources, access to domestic and global markets, and pro-business economies.

In addition, Superior Pine envisions monetizing the various natural capital values of these new assets, which could include the potential development of solar energy projects as well as the development and sale of forest-based carbon offsets (credits).

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Superior Pine Products acquires 58,000 acres of South Arkansas, North Louisiana forest land