Spruce Beetle Outbreak Presents B.C. Log Harvesting Challenges

The spruce beetle outbreak has been raging in the forestlands in the Prince George B.C. district for more than 30 years. There is only a short window to log the dead trees before they lose their commercial value. In today’s market, spruce beetle killed timber has a five-year shelf life but longer if the wood is used as fibre for pulp or bioenergy. As far as controlling the spruce beetle infestation, the government is relying on harvesting while taking extra care to keep the unaffected portion of the forest intact. John Pousette, director for the Provincial Bark Beetle Response who was appointed to coordinate response efforts across the province said “The key to this thing is the area licensees, including Conifex, Canfor, Sinclar Group Forest Products, BC Timber Sales, Carrier Lumber, they are going to harvest, they are going to address where that beetle is and what they can get at.” “So, we have to be careful what we choose – what we leave and what we don’t,” Pousette said.

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