Quatsino First Nation and Western Forest Products Enter Into an Agreement on Shared Forest Resource Opportunities

Building on a Memorandum of Understanding signed in 2020 by Quatsino First Nation, Western Forest Products Inc, and the B.C. Provincial government, Quatsino and Western have entered into an agreement that provides for a joint vision and approach to share opportunities related to forest resources in unceded Quatsino traditional territory.

The agreement allows for a “bridging period” of increased stability for forestry workers and North Island communities as Quatsino, Western, and the Province continue to pursue longer-term reconciliation arrangements that respect and recognize Quatsino’s rights within its territory and provide for North Island economic stability.

The Bridging Agreement will be in place for three years and addresses several near-term priorities of both parties. The agreement builds upon the success of the 2021 Quatsino purchase of certain Western private land near Coal Harbor, supporting the Nation’s longstanding goal of returning the community to the water.

Quatsino and Western look forward to continuing to demonstrate how working together to develop common solutions will create a brighter and more secure future for everyone.

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