Oregon Board of Forestry Approves 70-Year Proposed Western Oregon Habitat Conservation Plan

The Oregon Board of Forestry, on Tuesday (10/6), approved a 70-year proposed Western Oregon Habitat Conservation Plan. Analysis of the plan by the Oregon Department of Forestry reports that the plan would provide long-term protections and conservation plans for endangered species and secure forest management practices. Brian Pew, the department’s deputy state forests division chief, said that the new conservation plan will also provide certainty for timber harvest during that time frame. “More importantly, the timber harvest that comes from state forest provides a lot of local jobs in rural communities. So, jobs in rural communities are really dependent on timber harvest that comes from state forests,” said Pew. Environmental groups and some forestry industry leaders give the new plan ‘mixed reviews’. The proposed plan now moves forward for review under the National Environmental Protection Act.

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Oregon’s plan for state forest wildlife and logging moves ahead amid criticism from both sides