Domain Timber Advisors Adds 22,000 Acres to Its Southeast US Timberlands Portfolio

Domain Timber Advisors, LLC, a subsidiary of Domain Capital Group, a comprehensive private investment management service firm, announced Wednesday (2-8-23) that it has acquired approximately 22,000 acres of timberland throughout the southeast US. The asset acquisitions were completed via six separate transactions, commencing in October 2022 and concluding with the last purchase in January 2023.

A press release said that the highly diversified footprint—which includes properties in Arkansas, Texas, Mississippi, Georgia, and Virginia—will provide exposure to several different timber and land markets, all with higher-and-better use potential.

With these recent acquisitions, Domain Timber has increased the total acreage of timberland under the company’s management to more than 264,000 acres. Domain says it also plans on continuing to research additional opportunities for strategic acquisitions in the southeast to meet the region’s growing demand for lumber and other wood products.

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