Coalition of U.S. Loggers Associations are Requesting $2.5 Billion in Direct Aid from Congress

The Carolina Loggers Association (CLA) and a collation of 19 additional associations have joined with the American Loggers Council (ALC) in requesting $2.5 billion from Congress to support American loggers’ directly. According to a recent study completed by the CLA in cooperation with the Carolina Forest Service and N.C. State’s Dr. Rajan Parajuli, North Carolina’s $33.6 billion wood economy has suffered a 30%-35% reduction in production, resulting in an estimated $139.6 million total economic loss over two quarters. A survey of loggers across the country predict that more severe impacts are yet to come. CLA executive director Ewell Smith said, “Much like the farmers and fishermen who’ve received financial aid from Congress, we join 19 additional state associations and the ALC in the request for $2.5 billion to help loggers across the United States,” adds Smith. “The investment in our loggers is critical to keeping America’s $300 billion wood economy going.”

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