Structurlam Mass Timber Corp. Prepares for the Opening of Their Newest Laminated-Timber Production Facilities in Conway, Arkansas

Structurlam Mass Timber Corp. has announced that they are on schedule for a June 1, 2021 opening of one of the world’s largest laminated-timber production facilities in Conway, Arkansas. The Conway facility will be the largest mass-timber producer in North America and joins the manufacturing plant that Structurlam has been operating in British Columbia for about 60 years. The 288,000-square-foot Conway facility with newly-installed, fully computerized production equipment should be the world’s most efficient producer of mass-timber products, according to Structurlam Chief Executive Officer Hardy Wentzel. The plant will have 130 workers dedicated to producing laminated beams, timbers, and panels for Walmart for the first two years of operation. Structurlam will buy raw timber from sawmills and other producers across the state and finish the product for use by Walmart. “Those products come together to make a mass-timber building, and those are the materials that Walmart will be using just up the road in Bentonville to build their new headquarters,” Wentzel said.

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