Nieman Enterprises Announces Reduction in Production at Its Hulett & Spearfish, South Dakota, Sawmills

A lack of available timber from the Black Hills National Forest has prompted Hulett, South Dakota-based Neiman Enterprises to announce, on Thursday (7-14-22), that it was eliminating a shift at its Devils Tower Forest Products sawmill facility, which is located in Hulett, and was reducing hours at its Spearfish sawmill as well.

Less than a year ago, Neiman permanently closed its Hill City, South Dakota, facility (Rushmore Forest Products) due to the same shortage of timber.

A 2021 report by the U.S. Forest Service states that the current live saw-timber volume doesn’t support a long-term sustainable timber supply if harvests continue at the 181,000 ccf allowable sale quantity (1 ccf = 100 cubic feet).

Sonja Merryman, the company’s community relations director, said, “Neiman Enterprises is committed to our employees, communities, and this forest, which is why we are keeping all employees on the payroll despite the reduction in milling.”

“These mills are critical green infrastructure that is essential for the health and resilience of the Black Hills,” Merryman said, adding that the reduction in timber supply is believed to be temporary.

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