USNR Signs Major Contracts for Wood Processing Systems in Europe and North America

USNR, the wood processing technology supplier based in Woodland, Washington, is reporting that they have signed a number of major contracts over the past several months. A €13m contract was signed in late 2020 with Tschopp Holzindustrie AG in Switzerland for a new saw line. The saw line will be a fully equipped premium production line, custom designed to cut a maximum volume of thin boards from each log. The mill, one of Switzerland’s largest, provides the raw material for Tschopp’s production of formwork panels for the construction industry. Nix Forest Products, located in Timpson Texas, has updated its planer mill with advanced technology from USNR. The mill which has been relying on manual grading was looking to improve grade recovery from its products. It is also investing to increase the efficiency of its process. The order features USNR’s Transverse High Grader (THG) automated grading system with ‘deep learning’ technology. This technology increases the speed and accuracy of THG’s defect detection. Meanwhile, Lecours Lumber in Canada has ordered new 47-bin sawmill sorter, which is scheduled to be installed in Q3 2022.

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