EACOM Timber Corp. Resumes Production at Timmins Ontario Sawmill After COVID-19 Outbreak

EACOM Timber Corp. has announced that their Timmins sawmill is back in operation after a temporary shutdown last week due to a COVID-19 outbreak that was reported on May 12, 2021 at the site. The sawmill is currently running one shift instead of the usual two. EACOM public relations senior advisor Biliana Necheva said, there have been five confirmed cases at the Timmins facility. However, there have been no new cases since Friday. Necheva went onto say that, “Employees at the planer and kiln have not been affected. Should things remain stable, (the Porcupine Health Unit) will declare the outbreak terminated by noon next Friday.”

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Timmins sawmill back in operation after temporary shutdown