VIDA Announces Major Investment at Its Bruza Sawmill in Hjältevad, Sweden

VIDA AB, owned 70% by Canfor Corporation, announced on Thursday (12-7-23) that it will invest approximately 700 million SEK, or $85 million (CAD), at its Bruza Sawmill located in Hjältevad, Sweden.

The upgrade will expand production from 175 million board feet to 240 million board feet. According to the press release, the investment includes a new high-capacity planning mill equipped with the latest technology, a new boiler, wood drying kilns, and a warehouse.

Construction of the planing mill, which is being designed to efficiently process lumber for all of Vida’s markets, will commence in spring 2024 and is expected to be in full production in 2026. Due to the increased capacity, Vida will grow its Bruza team as it introduces a second production shift. The planing mill will be supplied by C Gunnarssons Verkstads AB from Vislanda, Sweden, which has been supplying the European sawmill industry for over 60 years.

Commenting on the announcement, Måns Johansson, CEO of Vida AB and President, Canfor Europe, said:

“I’m very happy that we’ve made this decision to increase our capacity in eastern Småland, together with our sawmills in Vimmerby and Mörlunda. This investment clearly demonstrates that we believe in wood as the material of the future, and in Hjältevad as a place to grow our business.”

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