The United Kingdom Urges Timber Traders to Prepare for Changes Effective at End of 2020

The United Kingdom Government is urging businesses trading timber between Great Britain (GB) and Northern Ireland (NI) to take action to ensure they are prepared for the end of the transition period on 31st December 2020. The changes will include: 1) Due diligence checks on timber flowing from GB to NI. 2) Due diligence checks on timber flowing from the European Union (EU) to GB and GB to EU. 3) No due diligence on timber flowing from NI to GB. 4) No due diligence on timber flowing from the EU to NI.. Timber traders are operators are required to exercise due diligence to ensure that timber and timber products have not been illegally harvested. The changes will apply across businesses who use timber, including those working in the construction industry, furniture manufacturers, paper and pulp manufactures, and the forestry industry. To help with the transition free guidance and tools are available on the OPSS website and on GOV.UK. The new free-to-use Trader Support Service will provide support and guidance to businesses moving goods under the Northern Ireland Protocol. Businesses who sign up to the Trader Support Service will be guided through the new processes under the Northern Ireland Protocol and can also use it to complete digital declarations.

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Businesses trading timber urged to prepare for change