Södra to Explore Building a Replacement Sawmill in Östergötland, Sweden

Södra announced on Thursday (2-23-23) that is undertaking a preliminary project to investigate the potential of building a new large-scale sawmill in Kinda, Östergötland, Sweden, to replace an existing facility.

In the press release, Södra said its goal is to improve and renew the value of the forest estates. A key part of the association’s group strategy is a future-proof industrial structure that continuously creates a leading offering for customers and consumers. The statement noted that the association’s sawmills (Södra has 8 sawmills) play a central role in this work, hence the need to explore the possibility of a new mill being built.

The preliminary project investigation is scheduled to begin this spring and is expected to be concluded in the first half of 2024. The new facility, should the project move forward, would be built using the latest technology in the industry and mark a technology leap that would benefit health and safety as well as productivity.

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