Norra Skog to Invest SEK 300 Million in Its Kåge, Sweden, Sawmill

Norra Skog’s board of directors announced on Tuesday (9-20-22) it was investing SEK 300 million ($27.3 million USD) in its sawmill located in Kåge, Sweden, north of Skellefteå.

According to Henrik Jönsson, head of industry, Norra Skog’s industry continues to develop all the time and in Kåge the board has decided to investment approximately SEK 300 million in the saw. The investment, Jönsson says, will be divided into four parts: 1) higher value exchange, 2) traceability, 3) staff space, and 4) new logistics. The total investment will contribute to creating long-terms sustainability for both the forest and people, he says.

Jönsson points to the new camera technology as an example. The new camera will make it possible to sort to maximize valve. The technology together with artificial intelligence is completely new for Scandinavia and makes it possible for Norra Skog to continue to have an industry at the technology forefront to benefit its members.

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