Canfor Announces Taylor Pulp Mill to Be Winterized; Considering a Potential Restart in Spring 2023

On Thursday (9-22-22), Canfor Corp. said it does not expect to consider restarting its Taylor Pulp Mill until next spring. The initial Taylor Pulp Mill curtailment was announced in February 2022, and that was followed by a six-week extension in March.

In August, in its second-quarter results for 2022, Canfor said the Taylor Pulp Mill curtailment will continue until “more normal” transportation levels resume.

Michelle Ward, a spokesperson for Canfor Corp., said that based on ongoing discussions with the company’s transportation partners, the supply chain backlog is not expected to significantly improve before the end of the year. Ward noted that the winter is generally a more challenging time for rail transportation.

In an email, Ward said, “We have therefore been preparing to winterize the facility in anticipation that it will likely be next spring before we could consider restarting Taylor Pulp.”

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