Ireland’s Largest Pallet Manufacturer CJ Sheeran Ltd. Buys Coolrain Sawmill Ltd

CJ Sheeran Ltd has announced that they have acquired Coolrain Sawmill Ltd. The facilities are less than 10km apart from each other in County Laois, with one located in Mountrath and the other in Coolrain. Both companies complement each other with significant synergies achievable in the short to medium term. CJ Sheeran is the largest pallet manufacturer and recycler in Ireland, supplying a diverse network of pallet users in the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, medical device, technological, engineering and general manufacturing sectors. The company also has ancillary divisions including gates, fencing, equine bedding, garden mulch, biomass and packaging. Coolrain Sawmills is one of the larger Irish sawmills with markets for fencing and pallet timber in Ireland and the UK. The firm also has a significant presence in the hardware trade with the Garden Living brand, which manufactures and supplies fencing and bark mulch to this sector.

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CJ Sheeran announces acquisition of Coolrain Sawmills