Increased Russian Lumber Export Duties Are Now in Effect

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Russia expands lumber export restrictions

The higher duty rate for exports of certain kinds of lumber previously announced by the Russian government went into effect on 1-2-22 and will remain active until 12-31-22. The higher duty rates aim to prevent the export of raw wood with a moisture content greater than 22% and thicknesses and width over 10 CM and being disguised as lumber. The duties only apply to exports outside the Eurasian Economic Union.

According to the Deputy Minister of Industry, Viktor Evtukhov, the rate of 200 euro per cubic meter is set for softwood and the rate applied to precious hardwood ranges from 250 to 370 euro per cubic meter. The rate for such softwood and oak lumber was 10% but at least 13 and 15 euro per cubic meter respectively and 10% but at least 50 euro per cubic meter for beechwood and ash.

Evtukhov added, that the new duties will make it possible to save up to 6 mln cubic meters of softwood in Russia for processing by domestic companies, which will influence on the improvement of product quality on the domestic market and the relevant price lowering.

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