China’s Ban on Australian Forest Products Could Actually Boost Green Triangle Processing Industry

According to one Australian forestry sector representative, China’s indefinite suspension of timber exported out Australia’s Victoria region could actually help boost Green Triangle’s processing industry. Industry sources estimate the Green Triangle timber export industry underpins around 1,000 jobs in the south-east of South Australia (SA) and western Victoria. SA Timber Processor Association chief executive David Quill said the suspension of exports to China could bring opportunities for smaller and local operators. “One of the major issues facing local processors, whether they be large or small, is the fact that this fiber is being exported, so if the exports were to cease there’s a huge opportunity for growth in this region,” he said. However, he said he did not believe local processors could take on all the extra resources. In the meantime, Federal and State are working on find a solution for the industry, both locally and globally.

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