Belarus Increases Exports of Cut Timber to China

In the first half of 2020, Belarus, working with Bellesexport and the Belarusian Universal Commodity Exchange Team has shipped 9 container trains, or just over 500 containers of  cut timber to China. To date the total volume of delivered products stands at 12,000 tons. Yelena Skripchik, First Deputy Director General of the Belarusian logistics company RUP Beltamozhservice noted that last Friday (7/24) they sent the tenth train of cut timber to China. The time in transit varies from 14 to 16 days depending on the destination province. The current freight contract calls for goods to be delivered within two weeks. Ms. Skripchik went on to say that Beltamozhservice offers a full set of logistic services, including freight consolidation from any part of Belarus at its own freight terminals. The company takes orders for transportation, storage, and phytosanitary control, customs clearance of the necessary transport documents and other ones, sealing, forwarding services, customs declaration, and the rest.

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