FEA’s Weekly Order Survey Reports Slower Paced Sales to Start June

Many dealers are reporting that better than anticipated sales for April and May, have given way to a somewhat slower pace to start June. Many dealers are expecting the pace to pick up as early as next week, as builders complete the transition from completing ongoing projects and move into the startup phase at the next site. Overall projections are that jobsite activity will remain steady to strong in June and July. Mills are currently quoting production scheduled for late June and early July and prices continue on their upward trek, albeit with not quite as must gusto. Mills, however, are shipping 10 – 14 days behind promised schedules and that in turn has some dealers nervous about having a steady flow of materials they need to continue to supply their contractor customers in a timely fashion. Mortgage rates remain near historic lows and the availability of new and existing homes, particularly entry-level, remains tight, which is keeping would be buyers actively searching for their new ‘’dream” home.

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