Western Forestry Contractor Association Reminds B.C. 2021 Reforestation Bidders to Include 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic Protocols into their Work Bids

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Western Forestry Contractor Association (WFCA) is in the process of completing one of its most ambitious and successful reforestation \ tree planting year’s to date. In 2020 WCFA contractors planted over 300 million seedlings and did so by adopting and following COVID-19 protocols and measures taken in early April to ensure the safety of workers and communities they were working near. The WFCA plans on planting an equal number of seedlings in 2021 and the fall bidding process is about to get underway. Those bidding on the work are being reminded that they must be prepared to follow the protocols and measures taken in 2020 in regards to COVID-19. The WFCA notes that there is a cost involved but knows that the contractors realize that the ‘microbe’ will continue to exploit opportunities spread through next year, if not beyond. Following the lessons of not only this pandemic but others will help keep workers and the communities they are working in safe.

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