Stz’uminus First Nation and BC Provincial Government Sign New Reconciliation Agreement

The British Columbia Government Ministry of Indigenous Relations & Reconciliation announced on Tuesday (7-19-22) that it has reached a new reconciliation agreement between itself and the Stz’uminus First Nation. The new reconciliation agreement establishes a commitment to work together on community priorities and future land transfers, as well as providing support for economic development, and establishes funding for future environmental remediation activities in the Ladysmith Harbor.

The signing of the reconciliation agreement is an incremental step toward the parties’ together identifying potential provincial Crown land for transfer, and a commitment to land transfer agreements as much as $28.5 million. Implementing the agreement will be an immense undertaking over several years. However, by working together, the parties are creating a win-win situation.

The agreement also provides Stz’uminus with $3 million in immediate financial benefits to support Stz’uminus’s economic development initiatives, including the acquisition of private land within its territory, and sets objectives for the Province and Stz’uminus to negotiate future agreements related to forestry and collaborative resource stewardship.

In addition, the province is providing Stz’uminus with $10 million over five years to support Stz’uminus-led remediation in key Crown land areas of Ladysmith harbor with the goal of supporting the Nation’s land acquisition and management plans within the harbor.

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