South Carolina and Federal Natural Resource Agencies Ink Shared Stewardship Agreement

Directors of nine South Carolina and federal agencies held a shared stewardship agreement signing ceremony last week at Harbison State Forest. The pact establishes a framework to improve collaboration, accomplish mutual goals, further common interests, and effectively respond to the increasing ecological challenges and natural resource concerns.

The recently signed agreement will use the best available science to manage and enhance private and public lands within South Carolina. As a result, South Carolina’s forests will benefit from strengthened partnerships between these agencies.

Summing up the importance of the agreement, USDA Forest Service Southern Regional Forester Ken Arney said:

“This memorandum of understanding reminds us of our shared responsibilities to care for South Carolina’s lands across all boundaries. This shared stewardship agreement builds on a long history of collaboration between the USDA and State of South Carolina in improving air and water quality and ensuring our forest lands are sustainable for future generations.”

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