Prince Edward Island Offers to Buy Private Land for Conservation and Reforestation

The province of Prince Edward Island (PEI), Canada, announced in a press release last Thursday (2-9-23) that it is now offering to buy land near buffer zones, watercourses, or wetlands.

The PEI government says it will buy land from owners at fair market price to support conservation, tree planting, and/or reforestation activities through the “Buffer Zone Acquisition Program.” The program is one of many provincial programs aimed at planting more trees, preserving more public land, and protecting watersheds.

According to the press release, land that is eligible for purchase must include a riparian buffer zone of PEI water features. Land must be near a mapped watercourse, wetland, coastal barrier beach pond, or estuary. Acquisitions can include entire properties or a subdivided portion which contains the riparian buffer zone.

Land acquired through the program will be managed by the Department of Environment, Energy, and Climate Action and included in the PEI Protected and Conserved Area Network. The land management may include restoration and sustainable forest management.

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