Ontario Provincial Government Announces $2.1 Million Investment in Tree Planting Through Forests Ontario

Graydon Smith, Minister of Natural Resources and Forestry for Ontario, announced at Forests Ontario’s annual conference that the provincial government is investing $2.1 million (CAD) in tree planting through Forests Ontario.

The one-year investment will support tree planting through Forest Ontario’s tree planting programs, according to the press release (2-17-23). Through its comprehensive network of partners and programs, Forest Ontario has planted more than 41 million trees to date, resulting in 20,500 hectares of new forest created across more than 8,300 project sites.

This announcement follows news from November 2022 that Forest Ontario has partnered with the federal government’s “2 Billion Trees Program,” which aims to plant 7.2 million trees over the next three years.

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