New Brunswick Investing in Forest Research and Innovation

On Wednesday (11-16-22), the New Brunswick provincial government reported that it was investing $600,000 (CAD) in forest research in northern New Brunswick. The forestry sector—through Groupe Savoie, AV Group, J.D. Irving, and Forest NB—also committed to matching the province’s funding, which will go to the Northern Hardwood Research Institute (NHRI), a partnership involving the forestry sector, governments, and academia.

The NHRI was founded in 2012 to conduct research related to the management of northern hardwoods and mixed wood forest of eastern North America.

New Brunswick’s Natural Resources and Energy Development Minister Mike Holland said:

“New Brunswick forests are on the most important drivers of our provincial economy and will continue to a vital part of New Brunswick’s future. The research being conducted at the institute, to produce, and mobilize knowledge and tolls required to improve the management of northern hardwoods and mixed wood forests, is vital to the future of forestry in the province.”

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