Natural Resources Canada Contributes $12.7 Million for Tree Planting Project in Ontario

On Wednesday (11-23-22), Natural Resources Canada announced a $12.7 million contribution to Forest Ontario to plant 7.2 million trees through the 2 Billion Trees Program, which is aimed at partnering with governments and organizations to plant two billion trees over the next 10 years.

As part of the 2 Billion Trees Program, this project by Forests Ontario will increase forest cover and improve forest conditions. These trees will provide a nature-based climate solution by sequestering significant amounts of carbon, contribute to habitat restoration, including species and habitats at risk, and provide the many social, cultural, environmental, and economic benefits that trees and forests offer.

Forests Ontario will source and collect native tree seed, grow millions of native trees with nursery partners, work with planting partners and landowners to plant native seed-sourced trees in the right places, and monitor and assess tree survival over the following years. Forests Ontario has developed strong relationships with its network of partners to prepare for future planting projects, outreach and engagement, training, and capacity building for 2023 and beyond.

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