Montana Sawmills Report High Demand and Higher Prices for Forest Products During Pandemic

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High demand, high prices for forest products amid pandemic
Montana based sawmills are reporting that sawlog prices are reaching close to historic levels. F.H. Stoltze Land and Resource Manager Paul McKenzie in an interview with the Flathead Beacon newspaper said, “The product demand has increased dramatically in general forest products.” “We don’t know exactly why the demand is there,” McKenzie said. “Part of it is because it’s in a commodity market and as the demand increases you see a corresponding increase in production.” McKenzie speculates the nationwide timber production has been impacted by the pandemic and wildfires, creating a scarce supply and a hike in prices. But since Montana’s production has been uninterrupted throughout the pandemic, the state’s wood product industry is taking advantage of the high market prices. He also noted the influx of building in the valley. Weyerhaeuser reported similar results for the Montana facilities as well.

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