Domain Timber Advisors Aquires Five New Assets Totaling 5,800 Acres for Its Forestland Portfolio

On Tuesday, Atlanta-based Domain Capital Group, a comprehensive investment management service firm, and its subsidiary Domain Timber Advisors (DTA) announced the acquisitions of five new assets totaling 5,800 acres on behalf of its forestland portfolio.

Combined with previous investments, the transactions represent a full placement of the portfolios’ committed capital. The newly acquired tracts are located in Mississippi (2,530 acres), Alabama (1,950 acres), Virginia (730 acres), and Georgia (590 acres).

DTA’s most recent acquisitions have increased the total acreage of timberland under the company’s management to just under 245,000 acres. DTA continues to research opportunities for additional, strategic acquisitions in the Southeast to meet the region’s demand for lumber and other wood products, the company said.

In remarks accompanying the announcement Peter Walker, chief investment officer at DTA, said:

“We are extremely pleased with the pool of assets acquired for the portfolio with our targeted small and middle market investment strategy. Through a very active and somewhat untraditional approach to acquisitions, we’ve assembled a well-diversified Southeastern-focused timberland portfolio with sixteen individual transactions, averaging 2,000 acres each, across seven states.”

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