City of Prince George British Columbia to Conduct Survey on all Sectors of the Forestry Industry

The City of Prince George British Columbia, Economic Development department has identified the forest industry as one of the important “cluster” industries with significant economic impact on the city. As a result, the city plans on conducting a survey on all sectors in forestry to identify what works and what does not and identify gaps in skill labor, etc. Melissa Barcellos, Manager of Economic Development said in a statement, “That industry really fluctuates. We feel up’s, we feel downs. Right now, it is in an up. Lumber prices are doing fantastic. But we want to find a way that we can support the industry to steady and consistent.” The survey will be used to put together a five-year action for the industry. And the City wants to connect will all facts of the industry, not just the primary producers.

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Forestry “cluster” getting City’s attention