British Columbia Government Transfers Waterfront and Prime Forestry Land Back to Lake Babine Nation

The British Columbia government and the Lake Babine Nation announced on Friday (1-27-23) that they are taking the next step in the journey to recognize and implement the Nation’s rights and title through the signing of a land transfer agreement. The agreement will enable the Lake Babine Nation to regain control of 20,000 hectares of waterfront and prime forestry land within their territory.

The Lake Babine Foundation Agreement committed the province to transfer 20,000 hectares of Crown land to the Nation in fee simple. This transfer of lands will enable the Nation to expand its forestry business and drive economic opportunities and growth in the regional economy.

The Foundation Agreement was signed by Canada, Lake Babine Nation, and the province in September 2020. It is a roadmap for reconciliation, providing a step-by-step guide for how the Nation and the provincial and federal governments will work together in a phased approach to implement Lake Babine self-governance, title, and other rights, boost economic development, collaborate on major land and resource decisions, and promote community health and well-being.

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